Sunday, March 11, 2007


Disclaimer: If you went to Arizona and New Mexico with me over the summer, don't scroll down.

I just finished these, basic socks in Plymouth Sockotta. I love new socks, and they're so nice and bright for the springtime!

Now, of course, I have to pick out which kind of socks I'm going to make next! Check out this next photo:

Time to vote for your favorite, or at least which will be next....
2. Spunky Eclectic
3. CTH Potluck
4. Brown Sheep Wildfoote (for Pomatomus)
5. Claudia Hand Paint
6. Lorna's Laces

Your choice? I'm thinking the Claudia might be next, or the Koigu. And there's Bayerische socks to work on, too, but I need knitting therapy over knitting I have to concentrate on at this point.

I also finished the very first simple lace project out of Victorian Lace Today, which will become a gift. This is made with Knit Picks laceweight, and I'm really pleased with the way it came out after blocking (although the pooling isn't the best).

It stretched from 37" x 11" to 56" x 17" -- almost half again as big. And it's actually warm to wear, even though it's mostly holes. Ah, the magic of wool.

Looking forward to giving this one away! It almost floats through the air.

Next up: more lace? Finishing sweaters? Basic socks? ...or just writing my research paper? It is almost time to bring out the scooter, so then I can be a little more self-sufficient. Can't wait for spring!