Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

It's been too long. (I hope you won't notice that I accidentally first typed "Dear Blob", too.) So much has changed!

Now we live in California, in the strange and wonderful Silicon Valley. Sadly I had to give up my yarn store gig to move away, but it's been for the best: the Mr. has a job he loves, the area is great, and I'm beginning to find new friends and routines. Hopefully a new job will come along soon.

After living in temporary housing for almost two months, we found a little house to live in. For the first time, we bought a car (it's a Prius). I see hummingbirds every day and I get to knit a lot, so I suppose that's good. Most of the knitting is still of the super-secret variety, but after a hiatus this long I seem to have developed a backlog of things I can share.

It's probably best if we keep this short and sweet for a while. So, with hopes of writing again soon, I'll sign off.