Monday, November 19, 2007

On the road again

We're up in Rochester for Thanksgiving (we both got to take the whole week off - yay!) and I have a little time to catch up on the internets and some blogging.

We drove up to New York through the mountains of Pennsylvania. As we climbed in altitude the weather worsened and it began to rain, then snow. We passed a four-car pileup in Liverpool and had to slow down to get through the snow. But we arrived safely and things have been pretty nice here.

I finally finished my gloves a while back.


So now I stay a little warmer on my way to work.


They look kind of stupid just laying there but they fit really well. I made sure to make the cuffs extra-long to keep my wrists warm, because that's the greatest annoyance about gloves.

I'm dealing with some personal stuff these days - looks like things will be a bit hectic for a while.

1 comment:

Sarah R said...

What yarn did you use for your gloves - is it sock yarn? I really like the color. Have a great Thanksgiving! (Haha!, on the snow, its 75 in New Mexico right now!)