Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Grannie Smith Cardigan

Finally, a finished sweater!

Even though it was almost 90 degrees outside, I threw on my fuzzy little sweater for photos out there. And this was the best I could do for a facial expression -- it was still better than any photo that would have been taken indoors.

Granny Smith Cardigan

The stats:
Pattern: Melissa Wehrle (neoknits)'s Grannie Smith Cardigan
Yarn: Crystal Palace Kid Merino, from Simply Socks Yarn Company (looks like it's no longer available here, but I found it to be a good, economical substitute for Rowan Kidsilk Haze or K1C2 Douceur et Soie - it doesn't have silk, however, but some merino and nylon along with the kid mohair.)
Buttons: Some old lavender-colored shirt buttons from mom's button box
Needles: #3 and #4 nylon circs
Modifications: I decided I wanted more, smaller buttons, so I tried (unsuccessfully the first time) to redo the math for the button bands, screwed up the first time, got upset about ripping out buttonholes in mohair, and eventually fixed it. Otherwise I don't think I changed anything beyond adding some selvedge stitches where I needed them.
Notes: At first I didn't think the mohair was that bad to work with. I had to rip out a major mistake on one of the fronts and it was fine, but ripping out buttonholes was another story entirely. And it's not annoyingly itchy, which is the good thing about kid mohair.

I'm disappointed with my button placement, but that's my own fault entirely. Even though I'd probably never button the very top button, I think it looks kind of silly that there's no button right at the top. So if it annoys me enough, I may remove the very bottom button and sew it onto the top of the button band even though there is no corresponding buttonhole. What do you think? Does it look stupid? Can you even tell?

As for the pattern, it was great -- well written, easy to understand, and definitely worth the price. As I keep worrying about how to design sleeve caps, I noticed these worked very well and I think the sleeves are a good length for a sweater like this. Thanks, Melissa!

For a relatively fine-gauge sweater, this just flew along. I started it in June after graduation, set it aside a few times, and was still finished by the beginning of August. Getting the nerve up to put the seams in probably took the longest, as I knew I didn't want to screw up the sleeve caps and have to rip them out and re-set them. But thankfully those, too, were very well designed and I had no problems easing the sleeves in. I used to really mind laborious seaming but now that I've learned what a difference it can make in the finished garment.

Granny Smith Cardigan

I'm looking forward to wearing this when it cools off this fall (hopefully at work)! It's a good color for fall and very warm for something so lacy.


Melissa said...

Beautiful! You did a wonderful job.

If the missing button at the top bothers you, I don't think sewing one at the top that doesn't have a matching hole is a bad thing. No one beside you will probably even notice in that hairy yarn. Enjoy!

Sarah R said...

I love it! Especially the color. You really flew on those tiny needles. It's the perfect combination of cute and sexy.

reluctantMANGO said...

Oh wow... it's beautiful! You've really outdone yourself on this one. I think the buttons look fine :)

Dove Knits said...

I absolutely love it! The color especially/