Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gainful Employment

No knitting today - I have other kinds of good news to share.

I got the job that I've been agonizing for weeks about!

All my history and museum education aside, I'm now going to be working as a technical writer for a very small firm that does research and analysis of intellectual property and patent law for investors. I'll get to write about different inventions all the time, which does kind of fit in with some of the graduate work I did on the history of technology. The business end is not so familiar, but that's okay. And the best part is I can walk to work! My former museum employers will probably be disappointed, but I've discovered I like to eat and I'm halfway decent at writing. So on to a new kind of adventure!

I have two weeks until I start, so my summer vacation is getting extended just a little longer. More time to knit and make cupcakes and get new work clothes!

Don't worry, this will still be a knitting blog. I have no interest in writing about work and I'm sure my employers will have little interest in me discussing it with the world.

Happy weekend -- happy knitting!


RangerSarah said...

Congrats on your new job! Don't worry, I design newspaper ads - not too much use for all that art historical theory I learned. We all like to eat - you gotta take what you are offered! I hope that you enjoy it!

Collin said...

Again V, just wanted to say congrats. Its awesome you got the job, and I'm happy for you that you can walk to it even. I think that's really cool.

The cardigan and the baby sweater are pretty neat too. I especially like the baby sweater.

Ms. P said...

Welcome to the area! You should come to Knit Happens (on Washington St. b/t King and Cameron). It's a great shop, and you can hang out in the back at the table. The ladies that work there are fabulous, and every Wednesday is Late Night. Hope to see you there!

Dove Knits said...

Yay job!!!