Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day of Epic Proportions

Today is already officially a Day of Epic Proportions and I haven't even made it through much of the afternoon yet.

First, I have this giant 150g ball of yarn (glasses for scale). This could be the yarn that ate my week! Yikes!

Giant yarn ball!

As you guessed, I have another knitting commission to work on.

I've also been doing some gardening, as it was a lovely day out. I was puttering around, ripping out my broccoli raab that bolted, trimming some things back, and planting some herbs, when I chanced to look up and see this:

Crazy bamboo

I was watching my bamboo happily re-leaf itself from the winter, but I did not expect to see a giant 8-foot shoot coming out of nowhere. Where did it come from? How quickly did it grow (we got 6" of rain or more over the last week)? And finally, why the hell didn't I notice it sooner?! It is really 8 feet tall, and flexible, as I discovered when I reached up to grab it.

Looking around all my bamboo is doing it.

Crazy bamboo

I guess it's some kind of crazy bamboo monster attack thing. All the pointy bits in this photo are brand new. I'm so glad this stuff is in containers, or I'd be in serious trouble. I may go out later and see if this is the kind you can actually watch grow.

Unfortunately I also have cleaning and laundry in epic proportions around here, so I'd better get to it.


Sarah G said...

Wow, that's a big ball of yarn. Since I don't have a winder, I wind my 100g sock yarn skeins into balls, they're about the size of softballs. Bamboo is crazy like that, my friend had bamboo behind her house that would grow about 1' overnight. Plants shouldn't be that fast, its creepy.

Amanda Thomsen said...

I have made charts before on how fast bamboo grows, 8" in a day is common-
Charts are cool.

jjj said...

mmmm, glasses :)