Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My 2012

In looking ahead to the new year, I've also been looking back a little. I was thinking about all the things I did for the first time (or first time in a very long time) in 2012. Let's be honest, most of them are pretty insignificant, but that's okay.

Firsts in 2012:
  • Ran a mile (for the first time in over 10 years!) 
  • Drove most of the way across the country (towing a trailer)
  • Ate an oyster (raw!)
  • Had a helicopter flying lesson
That last one was on New Year's Eve and I am still pretty excited about it. As part of family Christmas, my sister-in-law offered all the family members a very brief flying lesson in a Robinson R22 - a very small helicopter. I was a little nervous but I know that she is very experienced and very safe. We had ground school and then I (in my geekiness) read more about the history of helicopter development and the controls. 

Helicopter flight
Taking off - hovering is the hardest part
Helicopter flight
Off we go!
Helicopter flight
Coming in for a landing
I got to control the cyclic and the collective - two of the four controls on the helicopter - and fly about half of the mini-lesson without too much correction from my sister-in-law! Because this helicopter is so lightweight (800lbs without fuel or people), every little gust of wind moves it around. The controls are also very sensitive and require a light touch and constant small corrections. I definitely had to concentrate hard to keep all the dials where they were supposed to be. 

I may have jumped up and down when I was done. It was that cool. (I may also have been advised to try some flying lessons!)

I am leery of posting 'resolutions' for 2013. I think people go a little overboard. I think like most people, I am focusing a little bit about my health - but that's not interesting to write about so enough there. I'd also like to remind myself to say yes to more things. Saying yes is how you get to do cool stuff like fly a helicopter, take a road trip, and eat oysters!


Tim said...

Pro tip: step out from under the propeller before jumping up and down. ;) Sounds like fun, awesome stuff!

Sarah said...