Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What I did over my weekend vacation....

Clapotis in progress
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Because of a travel schedule that saved me two hundred dollars by taking a connecting flight to Philly rather than just taking the second flight out of Philly, I got a lot of knitting time in.

Yes, this is yet another damn Clapotis; my version here is in Knit Picks Sock Garden (in Hydrangea) with an extra width repeat and who knows, probably some extra length added too to make up for the size differences created by knitting on 3's instead of 8's and worsted weight.

Okay, so anybody who knows Clapotis knows that the pattern depends on dropped stitches. It seems like every time you don't want to drop stitches, they run down faster than you can see. However, in this thing, I have to pick out every darn one. (Or rather my mom did... I asked her to help and found out she enjoyed laddering down the rows.)

I'm not real excited about the way the coloring turned out in the increase section, but I'm too lazy to rip it out and alternate balls. I figure once I drop all the stitches and actually wear it all crunched up it won't make much difference anyhow.

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