Sunday, December 03, 2006


The most effective forms of procrastination seem to result in the creation of something irrelevant to the procrastinatory goal. Okay -- let's not overlook the fact that I spent six hours in the library yesterday, but seriously, I probably don't need two new projects.

Toe-up knee high socks, from a general toe-up pattern. I'll work on the problem of leg increases when I come to them. And a glove. Really, it's going to be a glove, I promise.

Left over from Lacevember, here is approximately one third of my Lace Dream Wrap:

It's going to be really lovely, if I ever get through the other two balls of yarn.

And I was going to put up some more photos, but I realized I would have to censor them anyhow. So I'll save you the temptation of discovering what I'm knitting for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I've run into a knitting problem. Remember my Vintage Cabled Pullover? Those photos artfully mask the fact that the sweater is easily 3 inches too short. I double checked, hoping that I could cut off the bottom ribbing and knit downwards, but of course that only works in a stockinette stitch sweater. So after all the time I spent putting that collar on and doing the finishing, I get to take it all apart again and reknit it from the armholes. It's either that or I won't wear the sweater, so I guess when I'm all set for winter break I'll be doing some very careful sweater deconstruction and rebuilding. There's one good thing, though -- I'm in no danger of running out of yarn, due to my overly fudged yardage calculations. I knew those 600 extra yards would be good for something....

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reluctantMANGO said...

OH NO! I don't know if I'd have the fortitude to disassemble a sweater like that... as witnessed by the two unworn sweaters in my closet... but I wish I did! It's such a gorgeous piece, and I'm glad to hear you're going to resurrect it :)