Thursday, March 30, 2006

Officially finished

Finally, here is Rosedale -- washed, blocked, seams sewn, and my little attempt at having marginally interesting photos.

rosedale sit
I didn't think I'd look so small next to those daffodils.

rosedale close
And up close.

rosedale back
And the back. If I made this again, I don't think I'd put in the little rectangle in the back.

Overall, I'm very happy with how it turned out. It fits nicely, it's warm but not overwhelming, and adds a lot of color to a sweater wardrobe that was previously dominated heavily by grey. I love the corrugated ribbing and the way the stripes go around the raglan sleeves -- and the colorblock is fun, too.

Now about that reading....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's the best way to clean your kitchen sink?

Make sure you wash a sweater in it, of course!

rosedale sink

I assure you, my sink is nice and clean.
And yes, this means Rosedale is done...

rosedale blocking

And it is blocking. I finished the front bands and sewed in all the ends at the coffeehouse today with a friend as we worked out our next Knitpicks order. We got a little attention from a young man also enjoying the wonderful day on the balcony, who told us he'd only knit scarves before. Maybe he was inspired to a new challenge.

I've never knit a sweater so fast in my life -- usually they take me four or five months. There will probably still be another chilly day where I can wear this before I have to put it away for the summer.

Photos of me in the sweater tomorrow, when it's dry enough to wear!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


rosedale almost

There's not much to say, except, "Lookit!!" I just have to pick up and knit the collar and front bands, and do some sewing, and block it, and Rosedale is done!

Then I can get back to my sock... and my reading. Whoops.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's growing!

In the space of a three-hour lull today, I got a lot of knitting done on my Rosedale sweater. I finished the sleeves a couple days ago, and with some speed knitting today ended up with this:

I know, it's hard to see, but jammed up on that 24" circ is 172 stitches of pure Noro joy. After struggling through the corrugated ribbing, I've been just flying through the rest of it, which is stockinette with a little intarsia panel on the front:

Rosedale intarsia closeup

There is still hope of finishing this sweater before it becomes 95 degrees outside with a million percent humidity (yes, there is such a thing). But the more I type on this thing, the less I can knit, so I'd better get going!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sleeves First

So I had to cast on the other day, and ended up with this....

More than a sleeve of Knitty's Rosedale.

I've never knit a sweater in all stockinette before and this thing is going amazingly fast. Knitting with Noro is so rewarding -- I love to keep seeing what new color is going to come up. Back to the sleeves! Maybe if I'm really speedy, I'll get this thing done soon enough so I can wear it before it's 90 and a million percent humidity.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finished Baby Surprise

Baby Surprise, Finished
Originally uploaded by belleange.

Now with cute ladybug buttons!

I couldn't help myself and cast on for my next sweater. When I should have been reading. Oh well, life is short!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Emerging from the bizarre garter-stitch topography is Buck, the newly-appointed Mascot of Knitting. I didn't fold up this piece; it just won't lay flat on its own. Perhaps I should quote Elizabeth Zimmermann: "Funny-looking object, isn't it?"

The Surprise with Mascot

"...and hey presto eureka and lo -- a baby sweater!"

Baby Surprise Jacket

A little baby sweater! God bless Elizabeth Zimmermann -- I have no clue how she thought of this little bit of amazement, or how many times she had to test it to get it right, but I'm certainly impressed. And as she said, "The baby will probably be UNMOVED by this offering, but the mother may well be charmed, and your friends will be AMAZED."

Now I just have to wait for a little girl baby to come along. In the meantime, I'll find some cute buttons.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


falling leaves half
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Here is one Falling Leaves sock. I spent my whole day excited about spring, and got my scooter out of storage... and realized the other part of spring has something to do with having spring-y socks. So I'd better hurry up and get to the second one!

First time I've done toe-up ones, and they fit pretty well except across the top of the toe. They're also a bit longer than what the pattern said they would be, but I'm more than happy about this. I got Koigu and wanted to make the best of it... I have maybe a foot left over, so that's about as good as I can do.

Guess what

Originally uploaded by belleange.

What I've been spending my last day on, that is. You're probably thinking, what's happened to V -- what's with the expanse of garter stitch?

I'll give you a hint -- it's a surprise.

I'd give you a photo of my sock, but it's all done except for the ribbing, and I'd rather just wait til the darn thing is actually done.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Zigzag Sock Model Done

The last time I wore a color combination like this, it was the late 80s and I didn't have a lot of say in what I wore. But this thing has got pep and zing, not to mention crazy loopy fringe.

zigzag done 1

The zigs and zags were fun, and it's got a double-thick sole, which, sadly, was not fun, but feels reaaaaaaally nice.

zigzag done 2

This is a Lucy Neatby pattern. I don't know her, or much about her, but she's got to be an awful smart lady. The pattern's got a number of complexities that are very interesting to work, and thankfully turn out well. Somehow, however, I screwed up my provisonal chain cast on and had to pick out each individual stitch by hand (and yet using the same directions did the toe on my Falling Leaves socks just fine).

I'm still chugging along on Falling Leaves -- I'll try to finish the heel turn tonight. Also, today I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and had a really nice time wandering around. I'm used to going to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show (and getting in an hour early to run through the show floor in silence before the crowds get there!). It's a comparable experience, and a great way to spend a day. To see lots of photos from the show, visit my collection on Flickr here.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Little Further

fl foot
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Here's some progress on the Falling Leaves socks (now that they are actually starting to look like something resembling a sock). I think that they're fitting pretty well; we'll have to see, though. I'm not averse to ripping.

Also got some work in on a model sock, and I'm still thinking about two more sweaters I want to make. However, having bought insurance today, maybe I should wait on a yarn purchase....