Monday, March 06, 2006

Zigzag Sock Model Done

The last time I wore a color combination like this, it was the late 80s and I didn't have a lot of say in what I wore. But this thing has got pep and zing, not to mention crazy loopy fringe.

zigzag done 1

The zigs and zags were fun, and it's got a double-thick sole, which, sadly, was not fun, but feels reaaaaaaally nice.

zigzag done 2

This is a Lucy Neatby pattern. I don't know her, or much about her, but she's got to be an awful smart lady. The pattern's got a number of complexities that are very interesting to work, and thankfully turn out well. Somehow, however, I screwed up my provisonal chain cast on and had to pick out each individual stitch by hand (and yet using the same directions did the toe on my Falling Leaves socks just fine).

I'm still chugging along on Falling Leaves -- I'll try to finish the heel turn tonight. Also, today I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and had a really nice time wandering around. I'm used to going to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show (and getting in an hour early to run through the show floor in silence before the crowds get there!). It's a comparable experience, and a great way to spend a day. To see lots of photos from the show, visit my collection on Flickr here.

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your sister said...

As I recall, you chose some of those black and neon fabrics for Mom to sew clothes for you. She'd take you to the fabric store, and buy what you'd pick out.