Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's the best way to clean your kitchen sink?

Make sure you wash a sweater in it, of course!

rosedale sink

I assure you, my sink is nice and clean.
And yes, this means Rosedale is done...

rosedale blocking

And it is blocking. I finished the front bands and sewed in all the ends at the coffeehouse today with a friend as we worked out our next Knitpicks order. We got a little attention from a young man also enjoying the wonderful day on the balcony, who told us he'd only knit scarves before. Maybe he was inspired to a new challenge.

I've never knit a sweater so fast in my life -- usually they take me four or five months. There will probably still be another chilly day where I can wear this before I have to put it away for the summer.

Photos of me in the sweater tomorrow, when it's dry enough to wear!

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