Saturday, March 18, 2006


Emerging from the bizarre garter-stitch topography is Buck, the newly-appointed Mascot of Knitting. I didn't fold up this piece; it just won't lay flat on its own. Perhaps I should quote Elizabeth Zimmermann: "Funny-looking object, isn't it?"

The Surprise with Mascot

"...and hey presto eureka and lo -- a baby sweater!"

Baby Surprise Jacket

A little baby sweater! God bless Elizabeth Zimmermann -- I have no clue how she thought of this little bit of amazement, or how many times she had to test it to get it right, but I'm certainly impressed. And as she said, "The baby will probably be UNMOVED by this offering, but the mother may well be charmed, and your friends will be AMAZED."

Now I just have to wait for a little girl baby to come along. In the meantime, I'll find some cute buttons.

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