Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spring Cleaning to the Max

No knitting today. (Okay, there could be knitting, but most of it is a secret.)

Instead, I would like to show you a photo of my closet.


Yep, that's the closet. Want another look?


Notice something about my closet? Yeah, it's empty. Completely empty.

Where's all the stuff, then?


How about all over my freaking bedroom. If I show you a larger photo you might never escape. My bed is under there somewhere.

No, I'm not moving out (yet). Verizon is installing fiber optic cable in the apartment complex, and they have to run it through the closets. I hope they finish work today so I can vacuum and put everything back where it belongs, otherwise you know who will be sleeping on the couch tonight!


Sarah R said...

Stupid Verizon. My closet looks like that, but that's because I AM moving out. So sad.

Sara Zimmerman said...

The store is now officially my moms!!!! how cool is that, you must come up to see the mess we are making as we re-organize!!!!!