Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Dead Yet

Nor disappeared, either.

I completed the "super secret" sample knitting late last week (which nearly resulted in one sleepless night, but I'm a pretty fast finisher) and sent that off.

Right away I received yarn for my next sample knitting project in the mail! It's Zitron Ecco, a nice squishy DK merino. I'll be making three coordinated hats.

Zitron Ecco

Now that I feel like I have more time, without completing anything else for myself, I've cast on for two more projects: the Lace Blouse from Romantic Style and Mock Wave Cable Socks from Favorite Socks. The socks are for an ongoing Ravelry project with prizes... who wouldn't want to win yarn?

The lace blouse is specifically being made as a cover-up for a new dress I just bought for the summer - I'm starting to believe that dresses are a necessity when it gets hot here, but I'd rather be able to put on a little blouse to complete the outfit and keep me a little warmer in aggressive air-conditioning. Unfortunately the lace pattern is very slow-going and it's knit on #2 and #3 needles, but with a little perseverance I'll get it done in time for the heat to hit.

Romantic Style lace blouse

Once in a blue moon I actually use the yarn called for in the pattern; I've done it here with Rowan 4-ply Cotton. Nice stuff, not too cottony and harsh. But I have lots to knit - actually lots of all kinds of stuff to do on my day off - and should get back to it.

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Dove Knits said...

You should post your lemon curtains :)

I hope one day we get to find out what the super-secret knitting is!