Monday, September 12, 2011

Chartreuse Socks

Time to share some meagre progress. I've knit a toe.
Watercress Toe
I don't always knit the mystery sock for Sock Knitters Anonymous. I wait and make sure that I like the concept (allover 1x1 twisted ribbing? No thank you) and that, in the case of it being a toe-up sock, I can handle the construction (I haven't made as many toe-up socks and getting the heel to fit properly continues to be a challenge). This one, called Watercress, has lace (yay) and modifications built into the pattern for high insteps (double yay). 

I took the additional step of overdyeing the chartreuse yarn I showed off the other day with a bit of yellow, in the hopes of making it even more chartreuse. It's a little more saturated than I would really like, but I'm generally happy with the color. I also like the way the pattern wiggles back and forth. 

Right now it's nothing too complex to knit, but it's interesting. Certainly more interesting than the seemingly never-ending topdown stockinette raglans I've been plugging away on!

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