Thursday, April 19, 2012


Blooming orchid

I have adopted a couple of very ordinary orchids to add to the houseplant collection. I don't know a lot about orchids, but I seem to be having good luck with them!

Growing new buds

I bought this Phalaenopsis back in November. It held the blooms until March, and now is growing more stems out of its stems. These look like they'll have flowers too, which is very exciting. Apparently Phalaenopsis is the only orchid genus which can re-bloom from an existing stem.
More flower buds!

And there's also this orchid... I got them at Trader Joe's, so I have no cultivar names or anything, but I loved the big purple, yellow, and green spidery flowers. This is its second bloom for me, which is so cool!

Normally he lives on my desk

I am looking forward to getting some more attractive orchid pots and repotting them (when they're done flowering, of course).

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