Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation

I knitted some socks, of course. I have trouble reading in the car, so I would often knit while we were doing some of our interminable driving from place to place. The socks didn't take any commemorative photos in the Southwest.

I didn't get as many done as I was hoping, but, well, it's not a race, folks.

Sock progress

From left to right: I completed the pair of ordinary stockinette stitch socks in Bernat's Sox yarn. They are obnoxious, and I like them that way. Second are the Child's First Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. The pattern was easy to memorize and fun to do. Finally, of course, are some half-finished Jaywalkers with picot edging in Reynolds Swizzle.

I had to visit a couple yarn stores during my visit. I tried very hard to control myself.

summer sock yarn

The pink is KPPPM from Santa Fe (on sale!), which I'm not sure what to do with yet, and the blue is Brown Sheep Company Wildfoote (half price!!) from Tucson, which is earmarked for some Pomotomus socks, and the green is a beautiful custom hand dye from Blue Swallow Handmade, which I'm going to have to find something truly lovely for.

Right now I really want to start something new. Hmmm...


Dove Knits said...

Ooo, pretty socks! When you're done with the Jaywalkers, go submit them to Grumperina's gallery. She gives prizes!

Glad you're back!

Sarah R said...

Looks like you made it back from the desert! I think 5 socks in a month is pretty impressive. You'll have to let me know where that yarn store in Santa Fe is, I'm leaving for NM in 2 weeks!

reluctantMANGO said...

Nice! Sounds like you had a great (and productive) trip!