Monday, September 18, 2006


I went to knitting tonight, and this was how far I got in the finishing process. I'm happy with it so far, so I guess it doesn't really matter how far I am, because if I do the seaming when I'm tired it won't come out well. So I will be able to finish it maybe tomorrow, grad school willing and the creek don't rise.

What's next? I'm thinking about Chris Bylsma's Backroads Jacket, in navy blue, these lavender leftovers, and brown. Or a hooded sweatshirt style in a brown marl. Or more lace and socks.

I don't really need to buy yarn, but I want to make 2 little lacy cardigans, and for those I need more yarn. Hmm... somebody's birthday is coming up, and you know what that means! More yarn for me.

In the meantime, I'm working to finish my second sock for the Kazakh orphanage (I know, I feel terrible that it's taken me so long). Also I got more hot pink fun fur so I can finish my hedgehog, and I still have lace and other things on needles as we speak. I need to get some needles empty before I can start something new.

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Dove Knits said...

You're such a tease, V! Here we are, on pins and needles, and you're still seaming...

(Just kidding! But really, can't wait to see it done!)