Saturday, November 25, 2006

Scribble Scribble

What would Black Friday be without a trip to the yarn store?

I just got a few things, including a cone of fingering weight wool for a shawl or three, some Trekking for gloves, Encore for a silly hat, and those plum colored things for a scribble lace scarf.

Yesterday I made the amazing discovery that scribble lace is really crack for knitters in disguise. I cast on (using this pattern from knitty)and suddenly couldn't stop knitting. It was freaky.

See what I mean? I think this is going to be a gift, but now I think I need one. Yikes! And unfortunately the yarn isn't cheap -- it's instant gratification, surely, but not what I'm used to doing with socks or ordinary lace. (Can we make this count for Lacevember? I'm not pushing the envelope....)

Now that I took it out to take photos of it, it's calling to me.... must.... knit....

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