Sunday, June 24, 2007

Learning Curve

Finally, I have knitting to show you! The last few months of grad school really kicked my butt and I didn't get much knitting done. Now that I have some free time I've been able to work on the backlog of yarn I have.


These photos don't show much except my learning to use the camera in my new cell phone. I'll figure it out soon, I promise.

These are just some generic toe-up socks in Koigu that I bought while I was in Santa Fe last summer; I don't remember the color number. But with two skeins of yarn I got two socks for my not-tiny feet which are almost too long. Hooray for not running out of yarn!


I'm still(!) working on the Pomatomus socks as well as Eunny's Bayerische socks, but I may start something up again that is just plain stockinette. I've been watching a lot of movies lately and intensive cabling plus movie doesn't sound like a good combo.

And how about that yarn diet? Well, if sock yarn "doesn't count" (I've bought yarn for 2 pair), then I've only spent $10 on yarn so far this year, and the year's half over and I'm certainly in no danger of running out any time soon.

I am in the process of moving further south, this time into Virginia. I wonder how many sweaters I can continue to find useful... I see lots of fine-gauge or lacy things in my future. Doesn't sound too bad, really. In fact, I've got most of one done already....

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