Monday, June 18, 2007

Graduation Photos

Well, in the hopes of catching up with myself, I'm going to commemorate my graduation a few weeks ago. On with the medieval wizard costume! I think Masters' robes are hilarious because of the long sleeves and funny, non-functional hood. I kept joking about keeping snacks in my sleeves for the ceremony, but in fact I just had some cough drops in them.

Before the ceremony, my advisor adjusts my hood while Mom looks on. This is a dubious process.

All dressed up and no place to go! What's all the fuss about? The slightly crazed look in my eye is giving me away....

The shots of me crossing the stage and shaking hands were too blurry and small. But I did. I swear.

And I'm done. See? I took the funny cardboard hat off. Get me out of this damn polyester robe thing! Worth $63 my ass....

This all reminds me that I haven't yet actually received my diploma. And of course since I've moved, I have no idea where the darn thing is going to end up. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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Sarah R said...

So that's what master's robes look like - I had fled DE by the time graduation came around. Too bad we didn't get to see each other before I left, but I'll continue excitedly reading your blog!