Monday, July 09, 2007

Home Sweet Home

...more or less. I moved this weekend and while nobody likes moving, I'm glad it's over and I had no major snags with packing, driving, unloading or returning the truck.

Most of the public space in the apartment was unpacked yesterday.

This, however, is what the spare room looks like:

Moving leftovers

Same boxes, different apartment. I have to find room for all of that somewhere (where, I don't know) and make that useable as a guest room again. Yikes.

But I have found free time to knit! Hooray! To celebrate being all in one place, I'm starting a whole bunch of projects.

Current projects

There is Noro Silk Garden Lite in a beautiful colorway (greys, pinks, purple, brown) for an Argosy scarf.
There is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Bittersweet for Sidewinder socks, which I have been dying to try since the pattern came out.
And there is about half of a Baby Surprise Jacket in Hobby Kids, which I started yesterday. No, there is no emergency knitting needed for imminent babies, but I like to have at least one baby sweater in reserve should the occasion arise. I'm so happy to just be able to sit down and see all my stash and knit whatever I like. Again, this is my poor sick mind in denial over the fact that I really do need a job and I can't stay home and knit and do laundry (and bake cupcakes!) all day. Even if it's going to be 99 out today.

I will miss my knitting friends from Delaware as I look for new people to hang out and knit with here in Alexandria!

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RangerSarah said...

Ah, that looks (and sounds) familiar :) I thought I would be unemployed forever, but I barely got a 2 week vacation - enjoy it while you can! Where are you living in Alexandria (I grew up there). I'm jealous, so much knitting fun to be had there!