Saturday, July 21, 2007


Please enjoy this slightly stiff photo of my foot inside what actually turned out to be a sock. Can we say, hellooo, awesome vertical stripes?!

Shocking, indeed. With a foot not in it it doesn't seem quite sock-shaped, but I'm sure a washing and a blocking will take care of that. I love my cheap ol' wire coat hanger sock blockers.

I need to get on the ball and make the second sock, but I've spent most of my knitting time today working on the button bands, collar, and sewing on the Grannie Smith cardigan. I've got one sleeve left to set in, the side seams to do, and the buttons to sew on, and then it will be ready for fall. Unfortunately doing the sewing on mohair requires serious natural light, or sitting under my hot hot halogen lamp, so it will have to wait for another day.

I've been killing time today while the other member of my household has savored the latest offering in the J.K. Rowling enterprise; it arrived around 2PM today in a cute little Harry-Potter themed box from Amazon. Wonder what it cost them to print up all of those boxes special, with warnings to muggles and cute little delivery owls. I still have to read the prior 3 books before I get to book 7, so I'm absorbing spoilers and figuring I'll forget them by the time I get to the last book.

Blogging has been stifled in the past week due to computer problems (said other member of household had to take the only computer with iPhoto to work to fill in for a very broken desktop). I didn't want to bore you with no photos whatsoever.

Still to come: Argosy! Cupcakes! Grannie Smith! All with lists and lists and lists of stuff to do, because I forever am trying to organize myself that way.

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:)SmileCreator said...

Wow, V, those socks look SWEET! When I get brave, someday, I'll have to try that pattern. :)