Monday, July 16, 2007


While I am probably unable to believe six impossible things before breakfast, I have been able to scare up some weird and wacky things to do.

Like this Sidewinder sock. I hope blocking makes these better, because a fix seems to require ripping out 100% of the sock.

Which I have finished knitting. And I ripped out the provisional cast-on, and have been avoiding trying to graft 125 stitches together all afternoon. I put it around my foot, and I think it will fit. I think. Kind of. It used surprisingly little yarn, which makes me even more suspicious. The thought of stripes running the wrong way for an ordinary sock sways me when I am discouraged....

But I love love love these colors and textures! Even garter stitch is pleasing on little bitty needles, and I really like the feel of it. Even if it is a weirdly shaped object that may or may not actually fit, depending partially on if I can summon up the guts to actually, you know, sew it together. Because if I didn't, that would be a big waste. Guess I need to get on that!

Who wants a mojito cupcake?

Looks yummy, huh?

All lined up and ready to go... sadly these were a disappointment, and for all their attractive qualities were actually rated a C- (!) for achieving mojito flavor. For all the rum and lime and mint I put in these, they turned out more like vaguely minty muffins with weird frosting. No good cakey texture, no hint of rum (except an overwhelming punch from the few that we literally injected rum into)... just a disappointment.

Okay, so they're better than no cupcakes at all. Once these are gone, even though I want to make some orange ones, I think we've had enough citrus (I made lemon bread, too). Mmm, devil's food? Chocolate and peanut butter? Chocolate and amaretto? Chocolate and coconut? The possibilities are endless... until I run out of those little paper wrappers.

Just trying to stay cool and collected in the face of heat, humidity, a never-ending mess in the kitchen, and continued unemployment. Forgive me if I get a little twitchy... but it's time to go knit.


Jessica said...

You're probably being good and making cake from scratch, but I loves me some fancied up box cake done Black Russian style. Basically you add chocolate pudding, Kalua, and vodka to yellow cake mix. There's a nice boozy punch.

sussry said...

I can only say that I too like the colours. They are just perfect. Hope it will fit well when it's finnished.

RangerSarah said...

Weird, those socks creep me out just a little bit. I mean, how can that be sock? Socks aren't supposed to look like that! Too bad about the cupcakes, because they look really good! Go with chocolate, its pretty hard for that to ever taste bad.