Thursday, December 06, 2007

Everything changes....

Well, it's been a hell of a couple of weeks.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving and trip through upstate New York. Unfortunately the New Jersey turnpike was awful, but it's always awful - what can you do?

After coming back to Virginia, we began to pack up and move.

This is what life looked like for a few days...

Packing 1

And this is what life looks like now:

Downstairs Hall and Stairs Spare Bedroom/Office Downstairs Hall

We live in a happy yellow house! We're not all the way unpacked yet but the kitchen is all set up and that's most of the battle.

I'm still working, trying to keep up with the work vs. life thing, and get through all the issues surrounding moving. Hopefully soon I'll find more time to knit!

1 comment:

Yarn Mama... said...

Did you move to another state or just a new house within the same state?
Your home looks really nice. Yellow is for hope, so here's hoping things settle down in life a little!