Monday, June 30, 2008

Out with the old...

In with the new.

The Logan River Wrap is no more, and it has been totally frogged and balled back up.

Logan River Wrap

Anybody want 5 balls of Noro Cash Iroha?

Noro Cash Iroha 97

Because it is hotter than hot here, even my winter knitting needs to lighten up. So no more worsted weight wraps. Fingering weight is the only way to go!

I'm working on a skinnier fingering weight Clapotis in Trekking, color 105. I hope a good wash will soften it up, but right now I don't mind because I'm totally in love with the color. I also can't believe I'm making another Clapotis, but I love the one I have and don't want to make another Lace Ribbon scarf so soon.


I keep telling myself I should try to break away from knitting everything in purple, blue, and green. It makes all my knitting look and feel the same.

I have also started the Shetland Shorty sweater with the yarn that I dyed. Casting on and working garter stitch on over 250 stitches is a little tedious, but that's OK as it's the whole sweater. Last night, of course, I realized that 5 rows into the actual pattern I'd already botched it, so I have to rip out a few rows before I can go on. Here it is in a tangle, because my circular needle is too short.

Shetland Shorty

Incidentally this was precisely the color of my cup of coffee this morning. Yum.

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Sarah G said...

Hmm, that is some mighty fine yarn, in my favorite color of purple. What would I make with 5 balls of it?

I'm really interested to see your Shetland shorty - that one is also in my queue.

There is a yarn store here! Granted, since I'm virtually unemployed, I don't have a large yarn budget, but its comforting to know it's there...