Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Goals

You may recall that I listed a few knitting goals for spring just a short while ago. Seems that summer is upon us and it is time for some new goals! It was hotter than hot here last week, but thankfully it has cooled down again a bit and we can once again venture outside without collapsing under the humidity.

As last time, the goal project and giveaway is being kindly hosted by Ali at Skeins Her Way and I was notified of it by my good knitting friend Dove.

Considering the fact that I did so poorly on my springtime goals (I only succeeded on 3 of 16 of them), I think it may be best to cut the list down a little bit for the summertime.

1. Finish the bedjacket - I'm probably half done with the edging, so this shouldn't take long. The body of the garment has been washed and blocked, so there are very few steps remaining.

2. Finish the lavender lace blouse to go over summer dresses.

3. Start and finish the aforementioned Shetland Shorty, again for summer dresses.

4. Find more sample knitting - getting yarn in the mail as payment has been quite exciting. (More on this soon!)

5. Knit up a baby sweater for someone I know who's expecting.

6. Blog more often.

7. Knit through some sock yarn stash - not that I have to make socks!

That's enough for now. Time to go knit more edging.

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