Friday, June 24, 2011


It's hard to simply title a blog post "Leaving", even though it's the name of this sweater; it makes a bad impression. But don't worry.


I'm not going anywhere, but this sweater is! Soon it will be winging its way to fibre space and you can see it there in person. It's called Leaving, designed by Anne Hanson, and was published in the Winter 2010 Twist Collective. The instructions have a pullover and a cardigan version.

I knit the 40" pullover. As usual my gauge is a little funny so it came out closer to 38" which fits me perfectly. I think the yardage estimates on the pattern were a little generous - the pattern said that this size would take at least 1500 yards, but I used less than 1200. My other notes are on Ravelry here.

Leaving in progress

It's knit in Miss Babs' newest yarn, Northumbria DK. The color is called Luna Granite. The Northumbria has been great to work with. It’s 100% Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) wool. BFL is smooth and fine with great stitch definition. BFL also has a lustrous silky drape after it’s blocked, which you can see in the photo above. Because of the sheen, it takes color beautifully. Luna Granite doesn’t have a ton of variegation, but it works up in subtle shades of dove grey with hints of lavender (I had to correct the color on the first photo, so it isn't very good).

Here's another glamour shot...

Leaving in progress

I will miss this sweater! I love sample knitting... but I also love to keep my projects once in a while. For a few short days (of course, another deadline looms not too far into the future, but that one's a secret) I get to knit something for myself. I am going to enjoy each and every stitch.


knitspot anne said...

so pretty; your stitchwork is beautiful! thank you for featuring my design on your blog; i really appreciate that.
your yardage may be less than expected becaue your gauge was so much tighter and/or you are substituting yarn. but also, the twist pattern states skeins rather than yardage , so your size shows the same yardage as the next several sizes! (i prefer more accuracy myself!). i knit 3 of these in the 34/35 inch size and used at least 1200 yards each.

this chickadee said...

omg it fits me perfectly too! not that i plan on stealing it or anything...