Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year

I'm not usually a big "let's make major New Year's resolutions" kind of person, but I do have some goals for the coming year.

The knitting-related:
  1. Create more designs.
  2. Knit more sweaters.
And the non-knitting:
  1. Find a new day job (alas, the last one evaporated, sadly).
  2. Eat more veggies.
  3. Say "yes" to more things (this is not the opposite of "saying no" - this is so that I get out of the house more).
Because when I say "yes" more often, I get to do cool stuff like hike in the hills above Half Moon Bay and see my first ever banana slugs! (This was on Christmas day... California continues to amaze me).

Banana Slug!
Banana slug!
Those things sound pretty doable, don't you think? Here's to a happy, healthy, prosperous, creative 2012.

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