Friday, January 13, 2012


Here in the Bay Area, we're starting to get excited for Stitches West, which is coming up at the end of February. Just like last year, I'll be working in Miss Babs' booth.

Part of what I'm doing to prepare is knitting up a sample of Jaina, a sleek flowing cardigan from the winter issue of Twist Collective. I'm knitting it in Miss Babs Tierno, an alpaca-silk blend that... is just like knitting with kittens. There's no other way to put it. Silky, soft, warm... and gorgeous! I hadn't knit with it before Babs asked me to make this sample, and I'm hoping to design something feminine and lacy with it.

Nearly to the armholes

It's mostly stockinette with a few cabled details here and there, so it's easy knitting. I've been knitting at night during movies and TV. We had a marathon this week of the Man With No Name trilogy - how I love old Clint Eastwood movies, even if the dubbing is terrible!

Pocket detail
I look forward to finishing this cardigan and getting to wear it. I really enjoy drapey sweaters, and having pockets to stick my hands in. Of course I don't get to keep it, but that's okay. Stitches is still over a month away, and I have other things to knit between now and then, but I'm still excited. What are you looking forward to?

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