Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Color Affection

It's finished - FINALLY! I am now one of the over 3,800 people who've finished one of these (at least according to Ravelry).

Color Affection
Color Affection
I had no idea how long the last rows were until I bound off, washed it, and threw it on the floor to block.
Color Affection
My highly technical blocking method: throw it on a sheet on the floor

A very sweet little girl learning to knit at one of the knitting groups I go to asked, "do you even KNOW how many stitches are on your needle right now?" No, honey, I have no idea... and I don't even want to know. (She was practicing garter stitch on 12 stitches and very dutifully counting after every row.)

But now it's over and it's snuggly and has twirly little ends and it used up a bunch of yarn and I'm happy. As you can see, I added another section with just the second 2 colors before knitting the final border.
Color Affection
It's huuuuge!
The brown is Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Notes; the grey is Louet Gems; and the pink is Ella Rae Lace Merino. I have just a little bit of the pink left, but there's enough brown to add to a colorwork or argyle project. Hooray for using up stash.


Sarah said...

Love it! I really like your color choices, and bonus points for stashbusting. I must knit this now. You're such an enabler.

Stratoz said...

Hope you celebrated