Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pointelle Socks

I'm back to the Sock Knitters Anonymous challenges this year. So far... so good - although it's only been one month (the annual challenges start in September). One of September's challenges was "All knit with the same color - red" and I just happened to have some red Knit Picks Stroll laying around. It's not what I would ordinarily choose for socks - it seems too flimsy - but it worked up OK. We'll see how they wear.

The pattern is Pointelle by Cookie A. It looks complex but the pattern is just lace patterning on every other round - there's a lot of plain knitting in these. In between all my other knitting, these went very quickly!

Pointelle socks
Next month's challenge includes a 'holiday stocking' option - which is great, because I still haven't finished my Christmas stocking from last year. I've ripped it all the way out because I got the color dominance wrong, so it's fresh for a new challenge.

Starting over
Are you doing any knitalongs? Have you started your holiday knitting yet?

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