Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Christmas Stockings


... kind of. Like [seemingly] every other knitter out there, I couldn't manage to finish my Christmas knitting on time. Simon's got finished... mine did not. Thankfully Santa understands knitters and filled my [half-knit, still on the needles] stocking anyway.

Image 3

These stockings are from the pattern collection A NEW Family Portrait by Dorene Delaney Giordano. There are three different main patterns and lots of different border patterns to choose from. I am knitting them toe-up on 2 circs (not my favorite, but it works great for the colorwork) and the yarn is Miss Babs Yummy 3-ply Sport  - the red is Vlads and the green is Nori.

Since it's past Christmas and I'm picky, I'm going to rip my stocking back to the toe and re-knit the body. I have been holding the wrong color in each hand so the color dominance looks wrong - there's too much white against the green pattern and it's drowning it out.

Simon got to help design his stocking - the border patterns were chosen because they look like the Triforce from Legend of Zelda. And he also got to design his name (the pattern comes with lettering charts, but I thought this would be more fun). I challenged him to fit "Simon" in 38x11 pixels, and he fired up an old Mac emulator to chart his name in Chicago. Very fitting. How I'm going to fit my 8-letter name in that space is kind of beyond me; I may have to embroider it on afterward.

I got a couple other gifts (all socks) done in time. Some are going to have to wait until I finish some more samples. Always busy knitting!

Did you fall behind on holiday/gift knitting? Or did you do the smart thing and not even try?


chmurka said...

This is Fabulous

Sarah said...

Yep, that unfinished stocking looks very familiar... mine is also green and white. There's nothing wrong with finishing a stocking in January, it'll just be very very early for next year, and I'll feel great for being so on top of things.