Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Featherweight Cardigan, Take Two

It's been quite a while since I finished my first Featherweight Cardigan as a sample for Miss Babs. I swore at the time that even though it was boring, I'd make my own - it's very wearable and simple and has the potential to go with a lot of different outfits. There's a reason there are over 3,500 of these on Ravelry.

Rarely does a sweater take me six months to finish anymore, but I'll blame all the sample knitting in between. Those deadlines really do it. Oh, and endless miles of stockinette stitch, that helps too. Oh! And alternating skeins of a hand-dyed yarn. Even better.

Featherweight cardigan
I never quite know what to do when I'm having my picture taken.

I knit this in 3 skeins of Madelinetosh tosh merino light on #5s. The colorway is called Mare. I cast on 6 fewer stitches for each sleeve, as the sleeves on my first Featherweight were too baggy. I made the sleeves and body longer, and did 3x1 rib at the bottom for reduced ugliness. And I did a daisy stitch on the collar and bands for texture and interest and no rolling (but ugh, lots of work on the purl side).

I am really hoping that being a superwash will help the yarn hold up a little - the single ply means it's soft and lustrous and beautiful, but I'm sure it's going to pill before long. Hopefully it won't felt in the armpits.

Featherweight cardigan
How about I try to smile and awkwardly stick my hands in my pockets.
I wore it to work today with my grown-up clothes and it was warm and soft and snuggly. Have you finished anything you really liked lately?


rebecca said...

Cute! Maybe this'll inspire me to finish mine (same yarn, but in tart). I need to take some photos of a couple projects I've finished, maybe you'll inspire me to do that, too. I finished Irish Coffee in shelter (I loathe working with that yarn - maybe this time I'll learn my lesson) and a rollneck tunic in Noro Iro (Kate's Bad Boyfriend cast-off yarn).

rebecca said...

Also, hi! I miss you!

Sarah said...

I've had the yarn to make this forever but have yet to cast on. I really love the stitch pattern you swapped in, I just might copy you. Congrats on your Knitty pattern, by the way!

MorningSprite said...

Wow, your hair is getting long!

Marie said...

It looks great, nice job!