Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Vermont Shawl

What else have I been knitting? Samples, samples, and more samples. I suppose it keeps me out of trouble.

Vermont Shawl II
Vermont Shawl and redwoods
The first Vermont Shawl that I knit for Miss Babs was apparently such a hit that she needed another one. This one is knit in Northumbria fingering weight, a 100% blue faced leicester wool. The color is called Vlad's and is one of my favorite reds. It made its debut at this year's Rhinebeck festival. I would have liked to join it in New York but... well, California is a long way away.

Vermont Shawl II
From the back (gee, really)
One of the wonderful things about this project that you couldn't really tell from my earlier post is that it's BIG. No skimpy little shawl here. Of course that means more knitting and more yarn (over 600 yards) but the effect is so lovely, it's worth it. Details on Ravelry here.

We shot these photos on my birthday during the several hour span of time where I was gently kicked out of the house so my birthday cake could be made in absolute secrecy.

My husband insists that nobody should make his own birthday cake, and furthermore that it ought to be a surprise. So off I went. It took a little longer than I expected, and I'll admit I did call him to be sure everything was okay. Thankfully there were no cake-related mishaps and later that evening we all enjoyed a magnificent Smith Island Cake. (Which our German guests delightedly identified as a Prinzregententorte - the Prince Regent's Cake!)

Smith Island Cake
By any name, it was delicious. And didn't last long.

Smith Island Cake
Here's another gratuitous cake photo.


Marie said...

Wow, that's a lot of layers. Looks delicious, and happy birthday!

Sarah said...

I saw those cakes for sale all over the eastern shore, but I've never tried one. How lucky are you having such a talented husband! I usually end up making my own birthday cake, but unfortunately that happens when you share a birthday with your spouse.

I'm knitting some socks right now out of Miss Babs, also in "Vlad". It's one of the best reds I've come across.