Friday, May 26, 2006

Good Things

But no, not the Martha Stewart kind.

Today we have a New Project Parade, an FO, and a shower update.

I finished the slippers made with yarn I dyed with Easter egg dyes.

This is what happens when you knit both ends of the ball at once: Siamese twin socks!

Still attached

And the finished project. Again, these aren't the most fabulous of slippers, but they get the job done, and looking down at the colors makes me happy.

Finished Slippers

Of course, because I finished one set of socks, I had to start another:

New socks

Ordinary stockinette stitch socks, made with Bernat's 'Sox' kindly given to me by Natalie. The colors end up looking a lot different knitted up than they do in the ball. I'm not sure if that's better, or worse.

I was knitting these this morning in the Dunkin Donuts, and a nice lady stopped to talk to me about them. She told me she'd knit her husband socks for 15 years, and now she's knitting for great-grandchildren. Pretty awesome.

Finally, here is something I began recently. Any guesses as to what it's going to become?

Linen Stitch

Coming in last but certainly not least, here is a shower update!

Repaired shower

Looks a lot better than it did before, doesn't it? The nice folks from maintenance were shocked that it had only broken just a few days ago, as apparently the plumbing was all kinds of jerry-rigged back in the wall. But it's fixed. We can't use it until the morning because the caulk has to dry, but I'm ok with that. That should give me enough time to clean up the mess they made in the bathroom -- there's solder and dirt everywhere. Yuck.

P.S. Don't ask me about the Gossamer business. It's in a bag in the corner like the misbehaving, willful thing it is.


reluctantMANGO said...

I love how the slippers came out! The easter egg dye looks to be a success :) Is the blue and brown project a bag? The fabric looks sturdy enough for one. I'm digging the color combo too... I wouldn't have thought to put them together, but it's really pleasing to the eye. Hope to see you soon!

Sarah R said...

Glad to hear you have a working shower, althought I'm sure it would have been at least a week before you started to noticably smell. I love how the yarn came out for your slippers, you should leave them connected, that would be pretty funny.

Dove Knits said...

Ok, it wouldn't let me comment before.

Great that the shower is fixed! Yay!

The slippers really came out cute. Those are really happy colors. Are you going to felt them?

Anonymous said...

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