Monday, May 01, 2006


And without further ado, here is my finished Picovoli, which is almost (but still not quite) dry.


Yes, that's what I look like when I'm waiting for the self-timer on the camera to go off.

I think this came out great, although maybe a hair too short (seriously, like, 2 rows). I love the shaping and it was easy enough to do. However, I still have a hatred towards cotton. The blocking helped so much to make it have not toooo much negative ease and helped the picots lay down flatter, although I think they're still going to roll annoyingly.

Here is my only major modification:


I added eyelets around the sleeves, neck, and bottom, which is probably contributing to the rolling, but I like the way they look, so too bad.

I also finished a panel on my giant red afghan, so now I have all the rest of the panels to make.

I think my next project is going to be KnitPicks' Candle Flame Shawl in some of the light blue Alpaca Cloud I have laying around. I'm saving socks for the Southwest when I go in just a month (!)

Three weeks til the end of school... not dead yet!


Dove Knits said...

It's REALLY pretty! What a great color.

starburn said...

That turned out beautifullly! it looks really comfy and fits you really well!

Sarah R said...

Violet, she's turning violet, violet! Sweet job. I also see that you have a naked butt on your wall. Good job with that too.

reluctantMANGO said...

How lovely! I share your hatred of cotton, but I must say that you've done a great job with it :) Beautiful color, and it fits you to a T (no pun intended)!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes I also loathe cotton, but the top turned out beautifully and the colour is smashing on you!