Thursday, May 18, 2006

Because I'm Grumpy Today

For anyone who's ever experienced the phenomenon, writing a paper is usually a relatively unpleasant activity.

To take a break, I'm going to complain about other stuff.

First of all, wtf is up with the Weavette mini-looms? Before you all get your panties in a twist, I have one (an original, so ha!), so it's not like I'm against them. I don't understand why people are purchasing them, stringing them full of sock yarn, and not doing anything else. Maybe the new ones don't have this, but my old one came with a cool little booklet of all different kinds of textured and jacquard weaves that I defaced with my mom's cheap acrylic. I think at one point I was going to Weavette myself a little sampler throw. But just making little plain squares, over and over again? I don't get the appeal, even if sock yarn makes plaid. Just another way in which people on the internet are going to follow each other around some more.

(Now, though, I'm thinking again about that Weavette sampler blankie....)

And for rant #2:
Why is sock yarn comparatively so much more expensive than other yarns? Again, for the record, I'm not talking about hand-dyed yarn, for which even I will pay a premium, or the self-striping stuff, which I know takes machines. But solid colors?

Let me refer you to Exhibit #1:


Here we have, courtesy of Knit Picks, comparative prices on 100% wool yarns. Stay with me here. Each variety weighs the same -- 100 grams. And the prices for 100g of worsted or laceweight seem very reasonable, and about the same: $8. Why, then, is the 'compare to' price for fingering weight over one-and-a-half times more?

Is fingering weight somehow more difficult for machines to spin? I doubt it. Is there some sort of worldwide nylon shortage that makes reinforced sock yarn inherently more expensive? Again, doubtful. So why make plain sock yarn more pricey?

Sadly, the answer's obvious. It's whatever the market will bear. Manufacturers know that many knitters think sock yarn is somehow 'special'. And sure, a great deal of it is. But solid colors? Hey folks, they're screwing us over. Down with capitalism! Protest for cheaper sock yarn across the board!

Today's post brought to you by not enough sleep.


Dove Knits said...

You know, I used to weave, on an actual floor loom. And so everything else seems cheating to me. Of course, where the hell am I gonna stash a floor loom in my Chicago apartment, but I'd really love to get back into looming. So I'm trying to convince myself that a table loom isn't REALLY cheating. But the Weavette thing? Nope. Sorry. Snob here :)

Anonymous said...

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