Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bad Knitter!!

See this?

In theory, this is the beginning of a Serrano sleeve. I'm sure you can see the problems it's having as well as I can.

Here's my dilemma: On the left, the hem is knit on smaller needles than the body, while on the right, the hem is knit on the same size needles. The one on same-size needles flips up annoyingly, but I'm worried the smaller-size hem won't block out as well in width as the larger-size hem.

I have to rip half of this thing out one way or another. I'm currently leaning towards the smaller-size hems, because they look neater, but what do you think?

(Bad knitter, going to knitting group with only one project and not the right needles....)


Sarah R said...

I vote for the smaller-size hem, it looks very sleek. I'm drooling over that Gloss, by the way!

reluctantMANGO said...

I agree. Go with the smaller hem - it fits better with the delicate-looking pattern.