Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekends are always better...

When yarn comes in the mail!

Here's my portion of the latest Knit Picks haul, including some lovely Gloss to make knitty's Serrano with. (The needles I picked up at my LYS, because my #2s were metal and only 16"... no fun.)

I've wound one ball, and I might cast on for the sleeves soon. I still feel obligated to finish other projects, but my desire for sweaters cannot be stopped.

I finished (finally) my socks for charity, and took those in yesterday when I bought my needles.

I'm also chugging along on my Pomatomus socks. Daylight or no, I still can't get these colors to photograph properly. There's grape, violet, cobalt, teal, turquoise, berry, and blue, all in there, regardless of whether the camera can see it or not. I'm still enjoying the pattern, although the heel as written is kind of a pain in the butt. The back side of twisted ribbing is even less fun, with p1tbl.

I think I should put down the knitting for a while and do a little grading. Yuck. You know which one I'd rather be doing....

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Dove Knits said...

Ooo, yarn! Let me know how you like Gloss.

Those socks are really pretty, true color or no.