Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Catching up

It's been a while again, and unfortunately I have a lot to catch up on. Suffice to say that I went on 2 weeks' vacation to see family over the holidays, and got a lot of relaxing and knitting done. I'm happy to be back in Delaware, where things are a bit more familiar now.

Gift Knitting
Now that the recipient has gotten their gift, I can show it off.

This is knitty's Norberta, reinterpreted in Red Heart Plush from my stash. It was a Christmas gift for my nephew.

Here is another view of the dragon. I don't know if it was changing the pattern from cotton to acrylic, but things were a little wonky when I went to sew it together. The spines were a little too long for the back, and the tail was a little short. Maybe I screwed up in my pattern reading, but I'm not sure. I like making stuffed animals but I probably will not make a second one, just because I hate to make the same thing twice.

Knee High Socks

These got finished very quickly one night while watching Coyote Ugly. I think that sometimes life calls for cruising along in stockinette stitch, and as much as I love a fancy lace or cable pattern, sometimes it's great to just knit mindlessly and get something done.

Here they are, all the way up to the knees!

And they are delightfully mismatched (mostly because the color pattern repeat was so long I couldn't be bothered to try and match them, and it's more fun this way anyhow).

Sometimes, as in the heel here, the yarn did very charming things. Makes me happy.

Lion Brand Magic Stripes on #2 needles, toe-up pattern fudged from several others, calf increases and decreases my own. I liked adding heel stitch on the second half of the short row heel -- I think it makes them fit better and I hope they will wear better. Not that I know really where or when I will wear them.

Which brings me to the year in review. For me, 2006 was often about fulfilling a little knitting dream. I made a lot of things that I had been thinking about making for a long time, and I'm happy with the results.

More works in progress, cool Christmas gifts, and New Year blather soon.


reluctantMANGO said...

Hmmm. Tell us more about this heel stitch! It's very attractive :) The dragon came out wonderfully! I haven't the patience to do stuffed animals, so I really admire your abilities.

Brenda said...

Finnegan and Hannah love the dinosaur!!! Hannah slept with the dino for a few days, and Finnegan often carries him around the house. Thanks so much, Ver. You're the *best*!