Saturday, January 06, 2007

Serrano Body

It's 70 degrees here in Delaware today, and I'm set to go out and take a nice long walk in a few minutes. But I've spent this morning getting frustrated over the apparent lack of interesting content on the internets, so I decided I ought to create some. Not that I promise it will be interesting, but it will be new.

While working on Serrano a few days ago I realized I'd made a mistake in pattern-reading and its subsequent execution: "work these 4 rows 5 more times" does not, under any circumstances, equal, "work these 4 rows 5 times total". This was unfortunate because I had to rip out about 2 inches of a fairly big piece of knitting.

Here it is before I ripped it out:

Just for kicks, I measured it. 22" across -- and this piece is supposed to go all the way around my body. No way in hell, I thought. But since it was off the needles and I was going to rip it out anyhow, I figured it could withstand a little test stretching. Believe it or not, the sucker stretched easily to 36" -- something a lot more reasonable, and likely to actually go all the way around my torso, instead of one of my legs. I trust the pattern (especially because I happen to be making the same size as the model), but the note that the knitting will appear "very, very small" wasn't a joke.

Anyhow, here it is today, about 8" tall.

I'm not particularly keen on the big blank areas surrounding the waist shaping, or the obvious fact that my knit and purl row gauges are vastly different, but blocking corrects a myriad of sins. I'm also not really looking forward to figuring out how to sew down all the uncooperative curling stockinette facings, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

At this rate, does it seem as if I could possibly run out of things to knit from my stash? Oh no... because I have the ginormous self-breeding basket of red yarn for the never-ending red afghan... crud. Tell me why, again, I started a project that now I don't want to try to finish? (I will, though. Just to prove I can.)


Sarah R said...

Ooh, you've been busy. Looks like Serrano is coming right along - its going to be awesome when its done. I love, love, love that box you got for your socks! Handknitted socks are so pretty its a shame sticking them in a drawer - keep enjoying your break!

Jen K said...

I, too, have a ton of yellow baby yarn for that afghan I was supposed to knit before my son was born. He'll be two in April. So, I'll accept a challenge, too, and prove that I can do an afghan!