Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Harvest

Springtime has already produced some of its bounty in big enough quantities for me to eat! Last night I harvested some lovely leaf lettuce and baby spinach with a little broccoli raab and parsley on the side.

First Harvest

I had them with cold spaghetti and a lemony vinaigrette, and it was lovely. It felt very celebratory.

So here are some photos of my containers. I have several long, narrow, built in planters, many of which contain bamboo. The open ones all have stuff growing in them now.


Here is some mint on the left, and jumbled in the right are parsley, broccoli raab, and spinach. And of course a tomato. It's a Supersweet 100, not my biggest favorite, but I figured I couldn't grow anything much more substantial than a cherry tomato in a container like this.


On the left there are two kinds of lettuce, and over on the right are potatoes I planted on a whim. The potatoes have sticks sticking up from them because they are interplanted with some sweet peas that I hope will soon rise above them!


And then there was that pointy thing in the middle. I didn't plant it, I didn't plan for it, but it excites me because I hope it is a canna. I got and planted three more cannas and an elephant ear today, so hopefully by the time it heats up around here I'll have a properly tropical patio!

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Sarah G said...

Holy crap! My plants are still incredibly tiny at a month old. My spinach looks like grass. I'm going to blame this on the incredibly hot climate and not my inability to grow things. Stupid desert!