Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You Are Getting Sleepy...

... very sleepy.

Refrigerator Cookies

And hungry, too!

Over the past few days I've snuck in enough time to make some fun refrigerator cookies. They're very easy. Just remember when cutting them up to make sure the dough is really, really cold and your knife is really, really sharp. If these conditions aren't met, your nice round log will be smooshy and your pattern will be ragged on the cookies. This recipe isn't super-awesome, so I won't be passing it on. It's tasty enough for me, though.

Refrigerator Cookies

Then if you're crafty and remember that they don't grow much in the oven, you can fit a whole batch of cookies onto two baking sheets and get the whole shebang in and out of the oven in ten minutes or less while you're washing the dishes.

Refrigerator Cookies

Unfortunately these babies are mostly butter so you can only have one. Actually because this is the Internet, you can't have any, but I'll be putting half in the freezer for another time. Well maybe you could have one, but you'd have to come over here.

Refrigerator Cookies

The bottom half of this photo shows what happens when you screw up your rolling-out process for the spiral cookies and have big raggedy edges sticking out all over. I rolled the two colors into snakes, stuck them together, folded it over a couple times, rolled it out into a snake again, and made cookies out of that. It's easy. Just don't tell people that. Tell them they're the special "Holstein style" cookies or something. Wait, maybe that's not a good idea to associate farm animals with baked goods... oh well. Better luck next time.

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Melissa said...

So if I come to your house I can have one? They look pretty tempting.....

Of course the gas cost would be a little prohibitive.....not that the cookies wouldn't be worth it. :)