Friday, May 20, 2011

Sock Roundup

Since leaving for California, I've finished eight pair of socks. Some of them were for me. Some of them were for other people. That's the nice thing about socks - most people seem to think they're a really cool gift. Anyways, nobody needs to read individual things about eight pair of socks, particularly the ones that were knit plain.

So I used the mosaic maker over at fd's flickr toys to make you a pretty photo of all the socks. If you're really curious, you can look at all the details over at my Ravelry project page dedicated to socks.

Sock Mosaic

Okay wait, I'll write about one pair. For a Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge, I knit Skew (top row center in the above photo). Eighty-six zillion people have knit these socks. Some people love the way they fit - and some don't. I have high arches and wide feet, so I was a little afraid they wouldn't fit. Miraculously, with virtually no modification, they did. I was so excited. I'd never knit a pair of socks so quickly (the plain stockinette helped). They probably won't wear well - I had to knit them on 2's to get something approaching a size that would fit me - but they were a lot of fun.

What next? I now have 30 pair of socks. I have actually reached a saturation point. It's more than I can fit in the sock box. Even with wearing hand knit socks every day (and for probably 9 months of the year here in Northern California), it's more than I can reasonably wear between washings. They don't seem in danger of wearing out any time soon.

And yet - this should come as no surprise - I have lots of sock yarn in my stash just waiting to be knit up. Yep, I could knit socks for other people. I could knit more shawlettes. But darn it, I like knitting socks for me! I like wearing them! Maybe someday the old ones will wear out and I'll have a good excuse to make lots more.

I suppose I should take this as a sign to knit more sweaters. I actually need more sweaters. Hm.

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Sarah said...

Eh, I say so what, keep knitting more socks for you if that's what you like doing. I have several pairs from when I first started knitting that I don't wear anymore, so I'm going to take those out of the rotation. I also can't seem to stop buying sock yarn either, so shawls it is! I love the mystery sock, btw.