Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Actual Knitting Content

Note I didn't say new knitting content.

As usual, all my current knitting is super-secret in one way or another. I have some designer samples, some gifts, and some really terrible swatches for new designs (that aren't working properly) on the needles. However, since I haven't blogged in approximately forever, I have an immense backlog of old finished knitting to share. Aren't you just beside yourself with excitement?

Before I moved to California, I started some wonderful Citrus mittens. After over a year (sock yarn on US #0, anyone?) they were finally done back in December. They have snuggly double cuffs to keep out the cold. I have worn them exactly zero times. I guess they are nice to look at.

I made plans for making SpillyJane's super-cute Carrots & Beets Mittens as a gift for my mom, who is an ardent gardener, for Christmas. A week after Christmas (I know, I’m a terrible daughter), they were finished. Let’s not talk about how long it took to weave in all the ends, okay? At least in Chicago they are useful. And I hear they were admired by all of my Mom's knitting group, which is pretty awesome.

I knit these up in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool Fingering, which is a lovely thing. I think there's nothing else like it on the market right now, a 2-ply fingering-weight non-superwash merino in tons of colors.

Between all the socks I've knit (those can have a post all their own) and projects like these, I'm starting to amass quite a lot of fingering weight leftovers. I love love love to knit colorwork, so perhaps building up a stash of many colors can only be a good thing. No more full mittens, though - not in California anyway. I am however lusting over the Härkeberga Guldmantel mitts. They might become my next stranded knitting project. I have the yarn - just have to buy the pattern and find the time.

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Those are cute. I'm kind of in love with Vanamo: