Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday

How was your weekend?

Book sale haul

Our weekend was busy. We went to a book sale at the public library and brought home two big stacks for less than a dollar a book. I have been able to fit the non-fiction into the bookcase. The fiction is another story.

Oops, that wasn't intended to be punny. No really, where are all the books supposed to go?

Also going on this weekend was the Mountain View A La Carte and Art festival. The main street was closed down and filled with art, craft, and food vendors. As usual, not much of it was to my taste, but I did have to go back the second day for a great t-shirt from Limey T's. Her booth was packed with goodies, and she has an etsy shop here where you can see it all. There's a whole line for kids, too.

I love the barn owls. She had some shirts with peacock feathers and lilies of the valley that I also wanted... but one thing at a time.

Of course there was knitting, but it was mostly the secret kind. How was your weekend?

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Eileen said...

I find that selling other books back to the used store works admirably in solving shelving issues. Otherwise, doublestacking, shelving by height, keeping strategic piles on the bedside table?