Friday, August 19, 2011


So, if somehow you haven't noticed by now, I like knitting socks. I also like the color green (gee, really?).

I like knitting socks so much that I am a member of Sock Knitters Anonymous, a huge Ravelry group whose members have a monthly themed sock knit along with raffle prizes. I've even won a prize a couple times.

September's theme (like other Septembers past) is "All knit in one color" and that color is Chartreuse. Imagine my delight! Of course, there is much discussion as to what color "chartreuse" actually is. I'm pretty sure it's not fluorescent, screaming highlighter green. I'm pretty sure the color is named after the liqueur... the only liqueur so good, they named a color after it!

Even though I had to procure new yarn (shhh!)... I got to take this photo.


(Oh, and if you're the type that just needs to know, it's Socks that Rock Lightweight in Jade. Thanks, Carol!)

I am immensely amused. Now to wait until September to cast on - hopefully I can finish a bunch of other stuff before then.


Marie said...

What kind of drinks does one make with Chartreuse? (And when do I get to have some!)

Sarah said...

I loved reading the forum posts debating what color chartreuse actually is. Who knew this was such a huge debate? I have never done a sockdown challenge, but it's fun to read through the finish posts. Which pattern are you going to do?

kaitlin said...

little known fact: the color is actually named after the booze! My favorite color by the way. I love that you found the liquor, i've never actually seen it in stores. awesome blog.