Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not Meant to Be

Or, the sweater that wasn't.

I haven't worked on my Sophia cardigan since last March. I'm struggling to find a nice way to say this, but I think about the only version of this sweater that looks good is the one on the cover of French Girl Knits. And between the cotton content of the yarn (ouch my wrists!) and the annoying stitch pattern, there was no way I was going back and working on it any more. It's looked like this since March, forlorn at the bottom of a knitting basket, taking up space and occupying a nice project bag.


So now it looks like this instead!

Owool Balance

Much better. Freed up needles and a project bag, and if for some reason you want this yarn... look here. Back to super secret socks and hats.

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